The fourth album of Flavio Sala, De La Buena Onda brings together a special selection of famous songs, in a surprising variety of musical genres. The disc includes 13 tracks embracing musical styles as classical, flamenco, jazz, fusion and cult movie soundtracks interpreted with exceptional rhythmic intensity and emotional depth.
Making up a truly great cast of musicians, special guests include the renowned Italian singer Mango, singing Volver by Gardel and La Pera, one of the two sung songs of the album.
For the album Flavio Sala collaborated with such notable musicians as Marcus Miller, Toninho Horta, Cliff Almond, Álex Acuña, Otmar Ruiz, Giovanni Baglioni, Peppino D'Agostino of the jazz genre, classical musicians Huascar Barradas, Daniel Binelli, Simone Sala and flamenco artists Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Rubem Dantas, Israel El Piraña and Alain Perez Rodriguez.

De La Buena Onda by Flavio Sala is a collector's album addressed to a pretentious and educated public inviting to the world of Latin music and classical styles.

De La Buena Onda

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Who plays on this CD

Thanks to all artists who took part in this project:

  • Álex Acuña
  • Cliff Almond
  • Giovanni Baglioni
  • Huáscar Barradas
  • Daniel Binelli
  • Carles Benavent
  • Carlo Brunetti
  • Peppino D’Agostino
  • Rubem Dantas
  • Antonio De Donato
  • Israel Suárez “El Piraña”
  • Toninho Horta
  • Mango
  • Marcus Miller
  • Jorge Pardo
  • Alain Pérez
  • Otmaro Ruíz
  • Simone Sala and the String Quartet
  • Alessandro Vece
  • Marco Colasanti
  • Daniele Marcelli
  • Stefano Ratchev


The tracks listed on the CD

  • 1. Antonio De Donato / Flavio Sala:De La Buena Onda (Samba)5’13”
  • 2. Paco de Lucia:Canción de Amor7’20”
  • 3. Pat Metheny / Antonio De Donato / Flavio Sala:The heat of the day – The heat of the night8’25”
  • 4. John Williams:Schindler’s list3’23”
  • 5. Carlos Gardel:Volver (to Maura)5’00”
  • 6. Giovanni Baglioni / Flavio Sala:Il giro del giorno in 82 mondi7’51”
  • 7. Pixinguinha:Um a zero (Choro)4’43”
  • 8. Andrea and Ennio Morricone:Cinema Paradiso3’27”
  • 9. Antonio de Curtis:Malafemmina (Bolero)4’43”
  • 10. Michel Camilo:From Within6’43”
  • 11. Gioacchino Rossini:Ouverture from “La Gazza Ladra”6’37”
  • 12. Maurice Ravel:Adagio Assai9’12”
  • 13. Antonio De Donato / Flavio Sala:De La Buena Onda (Samba Remix)7’05”

About the CD

It was late at night after seeing a movie, when I logged on to the internet to read and discover more about that actor who has always excited me with his memorable performances. About him I only knew he originally was from Molise, the region where I was born. Navigating here and there, I was struck by one of Robert De Niro’s famous quote: "The talent is in the choices.”
In the past when I thought about making a new album – something totally different than what we hear today – I hesitated due to lack of experience and out of fear more than any other reason. Then I remembered the sentence I had read months ago, "The talent is in the choices”. Full of courage, I wanted to make that phrase my own. I abandoned my old ways of thinking and, little by little, things began to take another path. I proved to myself that so many things can be achieved not only because you believe to have the talent to do them, but also because you have the will to do them. Then, I never imagined that I would have the honor to share music with those who, since my early childhood, had been my idols in music as well as with some of the best musicians of the younger generation. They are here, with instruments in hand, to share this musical project.

From Maurice Ravel to Gioacchino Rossini, Pat Metheny, Michel Camilo, the flamenco of Paco de Lucia the soundtracks, popular music, South American music and disco/house music…this represents everyone! A repertoire born "on the road", the succession of moments of explosive creativity and the need to get involved again with my guitar, my idea of being a musician and making music for the public today. Finally, this is me.

Thank you, Radu, for your helping in promoting this album on the web, through the official web site and the networks.
Thank you, Antonello, for your indispensable and special aid as an arranger.
Thank you, Antonio, for patiently putting up with me until the release of the disc and for making me have fun with your beautiful Samba.
Thank you, Camillo and Nao, for our true friendship of many years which we know we can always count on.
Thank you, Marianna, for your precious help in translating and revising the booklet.
Thanks again, finally, to all artists who took part in this project and shall name all over again: Álex Acuña, Cliff Almond, Giovanni Baglioni, Huáscar Barradas, Daniel Binelli, Carles Benavent, Carlo Brunetti, Peppino D’Agostino, Rubem Dantas, Antonio De Donato, Israel Suárez “El Piraña”, Toninho Horta, Pino Mango, Marcus Miller, Jorge Pardo, Alain Perez, Otmaro Ruìz, Simone Sala and the String Cuartet, Alessandro Vece, Marco Colasanti, Daniele Marcelli and Stefano Ratchev.
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